Couple of new Tunes

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a bit of recording with Folk It and friends. First set is a tune (as yet unnamed) that I wrote on the banjo with Mike Starkey on guitar. The second part may need a little bit of tweaking – it sounds a bit too much like a free jam! I’m definitely looking to pick up a four-string banjo at some point, they’re great for writing tunes if nothing else:

[swf file=”audio/EwansToon.mp3″] Banjo Tune

The second set is a couple of Irish tunes that we arranged with Folk It, and although we can’t seem to find the names of the tunes anywhere (please comment if you recognised them!), the set is called the Stingy Midges Set:

[swf file=”audio/StingyMidges.mp3″] The Stingy Midges

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