Guide To Using the Androidome

What is the Androidome?

Androidome is a portmanteau of Android + monome, android being the popular operating system for mobile phones, and the monome being a minimalist instrument/controller/interface/toy. Like the monome, the app itself doesn’t actually do a whole lot out of the box, it simply provides an interface for sending and receiving data to and from your computer.

What do I need to run it?

  • Android powered phone running Android 2.1 or higher.
  • A host computer (PC/Linux/Mac) capable of at least running Max/MSP 5 runtime or puredata.
  • Both of the above to be on the same wireless network.

How do I use it?

  1. First of all, install the app. Get the latest version from the Android Market by searching for “monome” on your phone, or if you are viewing this site on your phone, by visiting this link.
  2. If you don’t already have it, install Max Runtime on the host machine, available free from the Cycling ’74 website. Alternatively you can use the open source equivalent puredata.
  3. Start the application on your phone.
  4. Download and run AndroidomeRouter[v3].maxpat (Max/MSP) or AndroidomeRouter.pd (puredata) on the host machine. This opens a channel to allow apps to communicate with the phone. You need to leave this running in the background for the app to work.
  5. Enter your host’s IP address in the box marked Host on your phone. If you don’t know how to find this, this site will talk you through it.
  6. Open your desired monome patch (list of apps can be found on the monome site), and set the appropriate prefix on your phone.
  7. Click the Connect to Max button on the phone. You should see activity (flashing yellow circles) in the router application.
  8. Enjoy!

Any trouble, just leave a comment here, or on the monome forums.


Q: What is a monome?
A: A monome is a reconfigurable grid of backlit keypads which connects to a computer. Interaction between the keys and lights is determined by the application running on the computer – there is no hard-wired functionality. Full discussion can be found here, or try the wikipedia page for more info.

Q: My phone isn’t making any sound. What’s wrong?
A: Like the monome, the app is simply a controller – all sound/data is produced at the host machine.

Q: My computer isn’t making any sound (or it sounds rubbish) What’s wrong?
A: By default Max/MSP sends MIDI information to the awful Microsoft Synthesizer (on Windows anyway!). To get nice sounds, you need to route MIDI to a VST Host or external synth.

Q: Do I need monomeserial running for this to work?
A: No, only the router application needs to be running for the app to work.

Q: I have an iPhone. What should I do?
A: There is a similar open source project called haplome. You should check it out!

Q: I want to use it on stage but often there’s no wifi. What can I do?
A: Looking into it, Win7 users could try creating an ad hoc network using connectify


Currently uses too much battery power. I’m looking into this at the moment.


If you enjoy using this app, donations are greatly appreciated:

hidden image

Source Code

Full GPL3’d source code available at the Androidome Google Code page.

Market QR Code

QR Code for Androidome




  • The link to AndroidomeRouter[v3].maxpat is working, the file is not found 🙁

  • Tablet User says: 11/06/2011 at 04:13

    Hi this app doesnt show up in the market on my phone or tablet. Please add the APK to the Google Code page or here so I don’t have to download and install JDK, Android SDK, etc to create an executable. Thanks and can’t wait to try this out.

  • fengrr says: 06/07/2011 at 05:58

    I got it working but my app doesn’t update very well and doesn;t look like your phone.

    The graphical display is just really really delayed. I see arpshift on my PC light up as soon as I tap the square and I hear the note, just the app’s display doesn’t update.  I don’t see the ticker either.

  • HI. I’ve had great success with live+OSCulator, in addition to some of the monome apps. It’s donation ware, but the guy that runs the support is responsive and helpful.

    If you need help getting started, lemme know:

    Open this application first and set the port of the osculator window to standard of arduinomerouterv3 (for me this is 8001)

    then, open arduinomerouterv3 max patch w/ runtime or 5 (routerv3 max button should flash yellow when you hit buttons if its hooked up correctly)

    go back to osculator port 8001 window, toggle a few buttons on the grid

    you should see a xxxx…/press message of your router device in osculator window (save file now)

    click on the “0” under the xxxx…/press message

    go ‘edit-demux’

    then press another grid button… and demux the next “0” message

    now when you press the grid in that same column, you’ll have individual “osc” buttons capable of sending midi data – set one such button to cc 0 on channel 1 for example (working left to right)

    then go to live – preferences midi/sync and track, sync and remote enable “osculator out”

    assign your  osculator cc to live by hitting command+m in live and clicking on any old audio track record enable button

    then watch the live contoller be contorlled when you hit the corresponding grid button ( the osculator cc )… if all goes well you’ll be setup and can expand

    good luck


  • Got the thing working – sort of

    Galaxy S to USB WiFi in adhoc mode on a non-internet connected PC.

    When using the monome_test the control works to the PC (changing the keypads and lights), but there is a long (3 to 8 sec) delay before the graphic in the phone is updated.

    Any thoughts?

  • hemmer says: 04/04/2011 at 09:02

    That’s very strange. I’ve just tested the router with the latest version of Max Runtime (5.1.8) and it seems to load fine. Only thing I can suggest is completely uninstall Max (Full and Runtime), run something like ccleaner (use at own risk) to get rid of any old installation information, then just reinstall the latest Max Runtime. 

    Hope this helps, Ewan

  • hemmer says: 11/06/2011 at 13:40

    Hi there,

    Good idea, . apk can now be downloaded here. Let me know if it works on the tablet.


  • Richard says: 30/01/2011 at 03:24

    this is a noob question, but i’m trying to figure all of this out and new to everything about this, can anyone direct me to any resource that could use to getting started from scratch, as in patch programs, and also setting up max/msp with a patch program, i have spent 3 hours trying to figure it out but there is so much information out there i can’t navigate it well.

  • i downloaded the trial demo of max msp5/runtime.  everything worked fine.  demo expired. now i cant get it to work.  i used the max demo to open the router instead of runtime and it worked excellently.  now that i have deleted the demo from my computer and downloaded runtime 5 i can’t get the router to work.  when i try to open it in max runtime nothing happens.  when i open max runtime first and then try to open your adroidome router from there i get a a notepadesque document containing code or something that starts with “patcher”  “file version” : 1 “rect” : [ 1961.0, 133.0 etc. etc.      I tried the puredata one and it works fine but the monome apps i like are all max files

  • hemmer says: 04/05/2011 at 09:14

    interesting. i’m in the middle of finals just now but after that I was planning an overhaul of the code so i’ll take a look at the ad hoc thing then too. do you have the same delay problems on a normal wifi network too?

  • Hey!

    anyone know how to get androidome to run with ableton. I just can’t seem to get it to work. also it keeps force closing on my desire HD.


  • I used Connectify to hook my Droid to the PC, that works great.

    I downloaded Max Runtime, and AndroidomeRouter[v3], and the latest Arpshift.. The Droid can connect to the PC, I see the AndroidomeRouter yellow lights blinking and a bunch of arpshift messages scrolling by. 

    No sound.. so I setup LoopBe, and AudioMulch with SuperWaveP8 using your directions and still I get no sounds. I did set the LoopBe midi in the Arpshift selection box.

    I have LoopBe Internal Midi setup as Midi Input on AudioMulch, using P8 and connected to Sound Out.. I enabled midi and audio, and hit the play button on AudioMulch.

    It looks like the data is flowing from the Droid to the computer but I have no way of knowing where my problem is at.. help?

  • hemmer says: 17/12/2010 at 16:05

    its depends what you want it to do? you need to be running one of these apps to generate midi which you can route to ableton using loopbe.

  • hemmer says: 17/12/2010 at 16:03

    hmm that is strange. do you use any other programs for music production (ableton etc)? if the lights are flashing then at least the phone end is working.

  • hemmer says: 17/12/2010 at 16:01

    Yeah the app deliberately doesn’t respond to prefix messages. This is because some people seem to use it as a secondary controller with a monome, so rather than have all devices switch to the new prefix, it is set at the phone end. its a relatively easy mod to the source code if you need this functionality (i can help you if you get stuck) but i’m going to keep the main app as is.

    thanks for the feedback

  • Hi Ewan and All,

    The program is running and working perfectly when I manually change prefix text with the text editor on my samsung tab. However, it does not receive the /sys/prefix change messages when they are sent from applications that router[v3] is “running.” (arpshift, nerdscroll, xor, slide, etc). 

    Example: I manually enter “nerdscroll” into prefix box and all works.

    Then, i relaunch all programs (or not) and leave prefix box blank. Then, I click nerdscroll’s native “/sys/prefix/ /nerdscroll” button, but it does not send a prefix to androidome. router[v3] running and communicating properly.

    If I manually enter “nerdscroll” into prefix box again it works again.

    Does the source code need to be modified in order to change prefixes like this from within max, osculator, etc? or, can you change the prefix in androidome from within max or others as is?

    Thank you!!!


  • hemmer says: 19/11/2010 at 09:59

    Hi there, I have heard from someone with the Galaxy S (same phone?) who also said it wasn’t working. I’m not sure how to help to be honest as I don’t have the phone. If you’re a dev, feel free to check out the source code and have a look for any bugs. You don’t actually need the port, just the IP:

    Prefix: example (no forward slashes)
    IP: (no port)

  • Greetings, this app is great and versatile. It works on Droid X, but I’m not able to operate with Samsung Galaxy. Host IP and port are correct: “ 8001”. Tried with both pd and maxpat. Froyo 2.2, 1 Ghz, all apps closed.

    Two ?s

    Have you received feedback from other Galaxy users that this works or does not work? 

    Is this the proper formatting for IP and host above? Is any punctuation needed between port and IP text in “host’ box in app?

    Thanks so much!

    AC, Chicago

  • Anonymous says: 06/09/2010 at 11:22

    True beans.

    And thanks for the link. So far Arpshift has been pretty fun to play (its nice to be able to shift around the played notes so easily). 

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