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Just another fun little monome emulator type thing. I was getting curious about how much better a monome 128 would be. Using the MIDI keyboard on the Korg Electribe you can get 16 columns horizontally, and 9 rows vertically using the drum parts (ESX) or 5 rows from the keyboard parts (EMX).

Instructions (Korg ESX)


  1. Select Keyboard Part 1 and make sure the octave setting is on the lowest setting:
  2. Select the MIDI device that the Electribe is connected to.
  3. Set the row by choosing a drum part. Remember that afterwards you will have to reselect Keyboard Part 1.
  4. Play!

Instructions (Korg EMX)

  1. Press one of the keyboard parts (1-5) to select a row.
  2. Make sure it’s on the lowest octave setting (see above)
  3. Play!
Note: You don’t need anything else running (monomeserial etc). It also makes sense not to have the volume on!
Download: Electribome.zip

Granular Synthesis with Korg Electribe ESX

I’ve discovered a really simple way of getting a granular synthesis type effect going on the KORG Electribe ESX synthesiser. Load up a sample of reasonable length (5 or 10 seconds or so) into on of the one-shot samples. Turn on the Roll button and while holding down that part’s button, slowly vary the start point dial. This continuously triggers short snippets of the sample from different points.

[swf file=”audio/granular.mp3″]

Guitar Example