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ToneMatrix for Android

ToneMatrix for AndroidHaving recently rediscovered Andre Michelle’s fantastic ToneMatrix synth, I was inspired to create an Android port for my HTC Desire. After a couple of days getting to grips with the Android SDK, I managed to produce a version that works reasonably well (at least on my Desire).

This is a very early version however, and I expect to add more features in the coming weeks such as different synths (possibly custom-built audio engine), speed control and better support for different screen sizes.

For the curious, the app is available as a download: ToneMatrix.apk (Android 2.1 or higher).

Instructions: It is pretty simple to use: horizontal axis is the time axis, vertical axis is pitch. Press the grid squares to enable that note. Enjoy!


Pixelville: The Project Begins

This historic moment marks the start of Pixeville, my latest programming project. Inspired by Shamus Young’s Pixel City, I have decided to try and create a procedurally generated city in an isometric pixel art style. 

Having grown up loving classic isometric games such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Transport Tycoon (see below, now available from the open source project OpenTTD), it seems the perfect challenge. The aims of the project are to have a arbitrarily large city generated at random, along with random textures and detail, and possibly eventually basic animation. As with all such projects, it will probably get turned into a screensaver eventually, but that is a long way off.

I’m writing the app in Java for the time being (as that’s what I know best) but I am considering a C++ port eventually for the screensaver etc. You can keep track of developments on my Google Code project page.