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Just another fun little monome emulator type thing. I was getting curious about how much better a monome 128 would be. Using the MIDI keyboard on the Korg Electribe you can get 16 columns horizontally, and 9 rows vertically using the drum parts (ESX) or 5 rows from the keyboard parts (EMX).

Instructions (Korg ESX)


  1. Select Keyboard Part 1 and make sure the octave setting is on the lowest setting:
  2. Select the MIDI device that the Electribe is connected to.
  3. Set the row by choosing a drum part. Remember that afterwards you will have to reselect Keyboard Part 1.
  4. Play!

Instructions (Korg EMX)

  1. Press one of the keyboard parts (1-5) to select a row.
  2. Make sure it’s on the lowest octave setting (see above)
  3. Play!
Note: You don’t need anything else running (monomeserial etc). It also makes sense not to have the volume on!
Download: Electribome.zip


accord max

Partly inspired by this post, I decided to have a crack at writing my first app for the monome. It is called accord, due to its similarity to the left hand bass on a accordion, but that’s probably where the similarity ends. The vertical axis of the monome dictates the root of the chord, and the column number specifies the “chord” played. For example, the accordion is roughly set up like:

C| maj | min | maj7 | min7 | aug | dim | etc |
G| maj | min | maj7 | min7 | aug | dim | etc |
D| maj | min | maj7 | min7 | aug | dim | etc |
A| maj | min | maj7 | min7 | aug | dim | etc |

The chords in this app aren’t restricted to the set above, rather the notes of the chord are editable – you specify the intervals from the root note in semitones, similar to tracker notation. There is an internal clock, or you can sync to an external source. Pressing a button either triggers:

  • a very fast arpeggio, making the app ideal for chiptune type music, i.e. with basic monophonic synths.
  • or a single chord

An MP3 sample of the app in action (arpeggio mode) can be heard below:

[swf file=”audio/chipsample.mp3″]



accord for puredata v0.3
accord for max/msp v0.2


  • pattern recorder
  • option to retrigger arpeggio on press


Any issues, leave a comment here or on the thread on the monome forums.