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Using astyle with Visual Studio

Just a quick tip about how to set up the code formatting tool astyle as an external tool for Visual Studio 2010. First download astyle for Windows and extract somewhere sensible (I chose C:\Program Files\AStyle\).

Then navigate to Tools -> External Tools…, you should see a dialog like the one below. Simply fill out the setting as appropriate, remembering you can set various style options using commandline flags (as described on the official site). The variables $(ItemPath) and $(ItemDir) are important – this lets astyle know which file to apply to. Then to use the tool, simply select astyle from the Tools menu (you will be prompted to reload the file).

astyle configuration


Scipy Weave: Compilation Error

New users of the python library Scipy may be having difficulty using the weave library which allows on the fly C++ compilation of python code. While trying to get this to work on Ubuntu, I was prompted with the following error:

scipy.weave.build_tools.CompileError: error: Command "g++ ..." failed with exit status 1

To fix this, I realised that I didn’t have the python header files required (specifically Python.h). These can easily be installed on ubuntu by installing the python dev package:

sudo apt-get install python-dev

Granular Synthesis with Korg Electribe ESX

I’ve discovered a really simple way of getting a granular synthesis type effect going on the KORG Electribe ESX synthesiser. Load up a sample of reasonable length (5 or 10 seconds or so) into on of the one-shot samples. Turn on the Roll button and while holding down that part’s button, slowly vary the start point dial. This continuously triggers short snippets of the sample from different points.

[swf file=”audio/granular.mp3″]

Guitar Example