Androidome - Android Monome Emulator Project Begins

I've finally taken the plunge and gone and ordered myself a monome DIY kit. Its the cheapest way of getting your hands on one, that I've seen anyway, and I've been looking for a neat DIY project for the summer. Hopefully it should arrive sometime in August, but while I'm waiting for it to arrive, I have been busying myself trying to write an Android version. This seems like a sensible thing to do, as the phone has:

which all can be accessed simply from within the app.

The project somewhat continues on from my initial ToneMatrix clone, so the basics are already there. The monome communicates via the OSC protocol, which lucky is fairly simple to get up and running in Java thanks to a neat library called JavaOSC. The difficulty is in getting the application to be responsive enough to be of any use. However, the app is currently functional with single button presses being registered correctly (no multi-touch yet). LED feedback is a little buggy/laggy so far, but essentially works. Alpha version should be up by next week.