where is love (hemmar remix)


bitbucket + git

Modelling active gels


motm jan '12


mlrVST - Project details

Growing crystals in Python

Couple of new Tunes

Album release "The Grit That Makes The Pearl"

Masters Thesis - Modelling Non-linear Behaviour in Valve Amplifiers

Boards of Canada news

Using astyle with Visual Studio

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piano run

Mystery of the Number Stations

Caribou & Four Tet & Nathan Fake & James Holden


Monome kit completed!

Androidome Router - PD

Tonematrix Source Code

accord in action (new chiptune app for monome)

Accord for Max

chiptune monome app "accord"

MK Kit Progress

Justin Bieber's lesser known ambient electronic work

Howto route MIDI to between Max/MSP and virtual synths

Androidome - Initial Release

Android Multitouch Tutorial

Androidome - Android Monome Emulator Project Begins

Granular Synthesis with Korg Electribe ESX

motm july '10

ToneMatrix for Android

Showing More Entries in Google Chrome's Address Bar

broch inspectors launch

Pixelville Part 1 - Aims, Planning and Challenges

Towards a realistic, non-realtime reverberation model

Summer/Winter Polaroids

Top 5 Dystopian Sci-Fi Films

Introduction to Isometric Pixel Art

Pixelville - The Project Begins

Chrome Extension - Big Back Button

Web Design


RoWAN Site Goes Live

Drupal Views - Linking to a File Path

First Post