Just another fun little monome emulator type thing. I was getting curious about how much better a monome 128 would be. Using the MIDI keyboard on the Korg Electribe you can get 16 columns horizontally, and 9 rows vertically using the drum parts (ESX) or 5 rows from the keyboard parts (EMX).

Instructions (Korg ESX)


  1. Select Keyboard Part 1 and make sure the octave setting is on the lowest setting:

  2. Select the MIDI device that the Electribe is connected to.
  3. Set the row by choosing a drum part. Remember that afterwards you will have to reselect Keyboard Part 1.
  4. Play!

Instructions (Korg EMX)

  1. Press one of the keyboard parts (1-5) to select a row.
  2. Make sure it's on the lowest octave setting (see above)
  3. Play!
Note: You don't need anything else running (monomeserial etc). It also makes sense not to have the volume on!
Download: Electribome.zip