Androidome (no longer supported)

What is the Androidome?

Androidome is a portmanteau of Android + monome, android being the popular operating system for mobile phones, and the monome being a minimalist instrument/controller/interface/toy. Like the monome, the app itself doesn’t actually do a whole lot out of the box, it simply provides an interface for sending and receiving data to and from your computer.

What do I need to run it?

How do I use it?

  1. First of all, install the app. Get the latest version from the Android Market by searching for “monome” on your phone, or if you are viewing this site on your phone, by visiting this link.
  2. If you don’t already have it, install Max Runtime on the host machine, available free from the Cycling ’74 website. Alternatively you can use the open source equivalent puredata.
  3. Start the application on your phone.
  4. Download and run AndroidomeRouter[v3].maxpat (Max/MSP) or AndroidomeRouter.pd (puredata) from github on the host machine. This opens a channel to allow apps to communicate with the phone. You need to leave this running in the background for the app to work.
  5. Enter your host’s IP address in the box marked Host on your phone. If you don’t know how to find this, this site will talk you through it.
  6. Open your desired monome patch (list of apps can be found on the monome site), and set the appropriate prefix on your phone.
  7. Click the Connect to Max button on the phone. You should see activity (flashing yellow circles) in the router application.
  8. Enjoy!

Any trouble, just leave a comment here, or on the monome forums.


Q: What is a monome?
A: A monome is a reconfigurable grid of backlit keypads which connects to a computer. Interaction between the keys and lights is determined by the application running on the computer – there is no hard-wired functionality. Full discussion can be found here, or try the wikipedia page for more info.

Q: My phone isn’t making any sound. What’s wrong?
A: Like the monome, the app is simply a controller – all sound/data is produced at the host machine.

Q: My computer isn’t making any sound (or it sounds rubbish) What’s wrong?
A: By default Max/MSP sends MIDI information to the awful Microsoft Synthesizer (on Windows anyway!). To get nice sounds, you need to route MIDI to a VST Host or external synth.

Q: Do I need monomeserial running for this to work?
A: No, only the router application needs to be running for the app to work.

Q: I have an iPhone. What should I do?
A: There is a similar open source project called haplome. You should check it out!

Q: I want to use it on stage but often there’s no wifi. What can I do?
A: Looking into it, Win7 users could try creating an ad hoc network using connectify


Currently uses too much battery power. I’m looking into this at the moment.

Source Code

Full GPL3’d source code available at the Androidome github page.

Market QR Code

QR Code for Androidome


youtube demo